Day Two – December 7, 2012 – Lost Trail

Lost Trail Powder Mountain.
Opening day of the Skison.
Fresh powder and groomed runs.


Lost Trail announced they were opening on Thursday, so of course we had to go. Conner had the day off, so we made sure he came with us so he could get his first ski lesson. He snagged a private lesson, which is awesome (I ended up with private lessons for two of my three at Mt. Hood Meadows my first season). We left Conner in the hands of his instructor for the morning and went off to hit the slopes. Daryl, Nick, and I did a few runs all together before I decided I wanted to stay on the groomed stuff to work on technique and they wanted to hit some crazy lines. I skied past Conner at one point and made sure to remind him that “gingers have no souls!” He told me later his instructor said “why, that was rude!” after I skied by, hahaha.

We met up at the lodge for lunch.
Have I mentioned how much I love Lost Trail? It’s a family owned ski area and it is so awesome. The snow is great and I love the terrain. There is a great cafeteria (they make a killer grilled ham and cheese sandwich) and have a great beer selection (both cans/bottles and on tap). It’s not fancy like a resort typically is, but it’s perfectly homey. It’s great.

After lunch we hit the slopes again. The four of us skied together for a bit, then D and Nick took off on crazy stuff while Conner and I stayed tame. I couldn’t believe how well Conner skied on his first day! Towards the end of the day, we all skied together again.

I bowed out first because my knee started to bother me (being a dancer since age 4 = having 80 year old knees at age 25). I was also getting a bit tired, and while I really, really wanted to ski longer, I didn’t want to set myself up for frustration that always happens when I ski longer than I should.
I went back to the truck to drop off my gear, then went back to the lodge for a beer while I waited for the boys.

After leaving the mountain, we went to Bitter Root Brewing to get our dollar off beers for having skied. There was a great band playing and a bunch of awkward white people dancing. [White people dancing awkwardly is among my favorite things in the world.] A pretty awesome end to the best first day of the Skison yet!

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