Vintage Seattle

It is rare, if ever, that I’ll spend a significant amount of time going back through a website all the way to its beginnings. However, Vintage Seattle definitely had me scrolling through the archives.

I have always loved old photos of cities and towns (and old photos of Astoria? Instant love). A friend from high school shared this website on Facebook today and I was immediately taken.
I love Seattle. I’m glad I’m not living in the city any more, but I LOVE Seattle. It’s the city of my childhood, even though I didn’t live there until high school. My parents met there. My grandparents live there. I grew up looking forward to trips to Seattle. I went to high school just outside of Seattle. I became a legitimate professional dancer in Seattle. My first coffee job in Seattle was only a few blocks away from the house my Grandma grew up in.
I may have been born in Manhattan, and I may have gone to college in Philadelphia, but Seattle is my city.

I love all these old photos! Because I know my parents met and lived there when they were first married, I look for them in all the early 1980s photos (and even the late 60s/early 70s photos I hope to see photos of them as small children, even though they both grew up in eastern Wa[r]shington). I know my parents took a ferry from into Seattle for work when they lived there in the early/mid-1980s. Are they on this ferry? If I zoom in close enough, might I find them? I always have loved old photos because somebody knows somebody in the photo. There is tangible history if you look hard enough and I adore that!

Bellevue Ave E and Olive Way, Capitol Hill, Seattle, circa 1950s.
I walked past this intersection every single day on my way home from work.

This has been my favorite find so far though. The Coronado Building, 115 Bellevue Ave E. Across the street, years and years later? My apartment building. I spent countless hours, staring out our living room windows at downtown and this building.

I adore old photos and I adore Seattle, so this was one of the best finds of the year for me.


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