twohundredeightynine – twohundrednintyfive

october 15, 2012

Morning love.

october 16, 2012

Daryl and I hiked up to the M today. We got stuck in a little downpour, but it didn’t last long. Missoula is so beautiful in the fall!

october 17, 2012

The start of Lindsay’s bomb-diggity-awesome soup.

october 18, 2012

Lindsay’s amazing soup! Oh my goodness, so freakin’ delicious!

october 19, 2012

I love my new Arc’Teryx Phase AR base layer. I had a hole where a Capeline 2 would go and now it is filled. And for free!

october 20, 2012

Nick moved back to Missoula today and brought with him Vortex!

october 21, 2012

Spencer came to visit!! It was so wonderful to walk down a street in Missoula and see Sasha-girl outside! Spencer is definitely a life-long friend and I can’t wait until he moves to Missoula (because, let’s face it…it’s inevitable!).


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