twohundredseventyfive – twohundredeightyone

october 1, 2012


october 2, 2012

Daryl and I went flying today! I haven’t flown since our seaplane flight last June. It was beautiful, but windy, so instead of landing at Hot Springs, we just flew back to Missoula.

october 3, 2012

First snow of the year!

october 4, 2012

Snagged this awesome Kühl hoodie at a ski movie last night. 100% merino wool and 100% free!

october 5, 2012

Pray For Snow party at Caras Park! Liz, Tommy, Daryl, and I biked downtown, tried to win some shwag, had delicious Big Sky beer, then biked home. I love this town!

october 6, 2012


october 7, 2012

Insanity: Day Seven.


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