I’m really terrible at blogging about the day to day happenings in my life. And so, a quick update!

I’ve been rocking the latte art recently at work. I definitely wish it were busier and I could make drinks non-stop, but I still love my job. I really enjoy my coworkers and you can’t beat the perks of working in an outdoor gear store! (I’ve only used my employee discount twice so far, but so far I’ve purchased $78 worth of SmartWool socks for $40 and a pair of La Sportiva climbing shoes for 45% off.)
Last week we randomly ended up with a keg in the break room and so had an after work keg party. Daryl and I went and it was fun. I baked cookies and everyone loved them. After, we went over to a coworkers house and I think we have a new set of couple-friends. I’m excited for finishing the house set up so we can have people over!

We spent most of August at the river. We always look like such typical Missoula Hippies – these three boys, the three dogs, me, Liz, and at least one river growler.
Unfortunately the wildfires have filled the sky with smoke and the temperature has started to drop, so I think the river days of summer may be gone.

So right after I started work at the Trail Head, Daryl went back to Oregon to work for a few weeks. The original plan was for him to stay for three weeks and drive back with a UHaul full of the rest of our stuff. But he came home a week early! He was back from Oregon for a week, then flew back to Portland and loaded up the truck before coming back home to me with our furniture. We’ve spent the past couple of days unloading the truck and are now all moved in (though we do have some organizing left to do). It is so wonderful to have our own space and sleep in our own bed again.

Among the items I finally have access to again after way too long: my bike. I’ve started riding to work and on Thursday I rode to get my hair cut. And I got knocked off my bike. I was riding in the bike lane on Higgins and noticed a red van back out of an alley straight into traffic, then haphazardly pull into a parking spot and stop. The person driving was clearly not paying attention, so I kept my eye on them as I approached. I was hoping they would open their door before I got to them, as I figured they wouldn’t look before doing so. I moved as far to the left as I could as I approached and I slowed down, and just as I predicted, she opened her door without looking, clipped my handlebar, and down I went.
I’m totally fine (can’t even see where I hit the ground with my hands) and my bike is unscathed. She apologized and said she couldn’t believe she didn’t look because she’s a biker too and oh my gosh, she’s just so distracted today. If I had been hurt, I might have gone off for a bit about how she shouldn’t be driving if she’s distracted because if I hadn’t been paying attention and if I had been thrown into traffic, it could’ve been a lot, lot worse. But I wasn’t hurt and I had to get to my hair appointment, so I didn’t.

Finally got around to modifying my small lotion container. I wish Aveeno would make the small squeeze bottles refillable, but this’ll do until they get with the program.

Last week I gave Millie some upgrades. 250mg hard drive upgrade to 1tb! 2gb of RAM upgraded to 8gb! She is so fast and I have so much more space! I love my Mac so much.

I love our funky, weird little house. Once we finish putting all the rooms together, I’ll show the inside off. Our big tree in the front yard is starting to change color – fall is on its way!

Daryl’s been making some blog posts too, so go check them out!


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