twohundredfortyseven – twohundredfiftythree

september 3, 2012

Latte art, you make my morning mocha very delicious.

september 4, 2012

Best part of making meatloaf for dinner? Cold meatloaf sandwiches the next day.

september 5, 2012

Have I mentioned I love my job? There may have been a keg stand or two before this photo.

september 6, 2012

I made delicious quiche tonight!

september 7, 2012

I bought climbing shoes today! Hello, amazing 45% off – thank you Gambler’s Sale plus my employee discount!

september 8, 2012

My RAM! It came! Upgrading Millie from 2gb to 8gb!

september 9, 2012

Very happy that very soon, I will not be sleeping on the floor, nor will my lamp live on the windowsill.


2 thoughts on “twohundredfortyseven – twohundredfiftythree

  1. Really like the style of your blogging. Short, stacatto snippets from your days. And I totally agree about meatloaf. Best part is the sandwiches the next day. And the quiche looked great, so did the latte art. And the caving photos! Zowie. I can’t believe you all went down there.

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