twohundredforty – twohundredfortysix

august 27, 2012

I decided to treat myself and use my employee discount for the first time today. I snagged $78 worth of SmartWool socks for $40!

august 28, 2012

Orange sun. Smokey skies. Awesome tree. New favorite window.

august 29, 2012

I felt a bit awkward going to an audition wearing jeans (such a big no-no in my book!), but at least I went!

august 30, 2012

Nothing tastes better after a 3 hour dance call back.

august 31, 2012

It has been so smokey the past couple of days. Those aren’t clouds, those are smoke.

september 1, 2012

Our coffee bar. Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters – Moose Drool in our Columbia River Coffee Roasters tin, organic raw sugar, grinder, AeroPress, and filters.

september 2, 2012

I love our funky, weird little house.


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