twohundredtwentysix – twohundredthirtytwo

august 13, 2012

Breakfast was bonkers this morning.

august 14, 2012

Daryl tried to teach Debo to jump into the water today. It did not work that well.

august 15, 2012

The clientele at the tattoo parlor/piercing shop across the street from the cabin always drive the craziest vehicles.

august 16, 2012

New job!

august 17, 2012

Iced Americano, one pump caramel, inch of non-fat milk. Perfection.

august 18, 2012

Liz, Daryl, and I went to the river with Nicole today. I do love Missoula summers!

august 19, 2012

Oh my goodness. Tommy cured bacon and then Liz cooked it in beer. It was ah-maze-ing.


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