twohundrednineteen – twohundredtwentyfive

august 6, 2012

Our fearless leaders!

august 7, 2012

Another beautiful sunset again tonight.

august 8, 2012

Digging for gnar!
Note: no gnar was found in the digging of this hole.

august 9, 2012

While Brian put new bolts in the entrance pit, Daryl set up a rope so Liz and I could practice change-overs. Shaka-brah!

august 10, 2012

Brian heading down a newly widened passage – the next day they found a full raccoon skeleton!

august 11, 2012

Boys? We don’t need no stinkin’ boys! Liz had a fire going in approximately 30 seconds!

august 12, 2012

Wowza! When we got in the truck it said 116°!


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