twohundredfive – twohundredeleven

july 23, 2012

Driving lesson number one!

july 24, 2012

We snagged this AMAZING campsite last night. I can’t wait to come back with a big group of people, because it’s the perfect party spot.

july 25, 2012

We hiked up the Hidden Lake Nature Trail from the Logan Pass Visitor Center today. The mountain goats were everywhere!

july 26, 2012

We stopped by Running Eagle Falls today on our drive through Glacier National Park. The water felt so, so good.

july 27, 2012

I can’t get over how beautiful Glacier is. We were the only people camped along Two Medicine Lake and it was amazing.

july 28, 2012

River time!

july 29, 2012

It was so beautiful again today, so we stole the dogs and went to the river. I love it here so much.


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