Day Sixteen – 5/6, Galena Summit

Almost immediately after we got back from skiing Trapper Peak , we took off for Hailey, ID to visit our friends Brian and Hadley. It was SO BEAUTIFUL.

After spending several days in the sun and getting our tan on, we decided it was time to ski. On the drive from Stanley to Hailey there is a pass that was beautifully covered with snow. It called to us. We had to answer!

When we drove through the pass on our way to Brian and Hadley’s, we noticed the prayer flags and I thought they were so beautiful! I wish we had snagged a photo from below – there were at least twice as many flying as you can see here. It was beautiful.

This is the first time either of us have parked beside a road and started skinning up a mountain. It was awesome!
I told Daryl I would love to winter over in a town like Stanley. Partially because we would be so close to the mountains (as in, we would be in the mountains), and partially because the official population is 64 and most people don’t winter over. I love small towns and I would love to spend a winter in a very isolated place. I like to knit and read, so I think I’d be fine!

Looking over at Galena Benchmark. We accidentally went the long way over to the summit – we went up and over the hill with the prayer flags, then had to ski down and back up to the benchmark. Definitely earned our turns!

I finally summited another mountain! Sadly, the last time I made it to the very top of a mountain was back in September 2009. [In the time since April, we have summited two smaller mountains in Missoula, Mt. Sentinel and Mt. Jumbo.]

My sweet, cute, handsome mountain man and his burly beard! They recently celebrated their 13-month anniversary! hahahaha

Showing off the Fort George patch I finally sewed onto his ski pack.

I love this man with all my heart. I am so happy we’ve been so blessed and have been able to have all these adventures. I am the luckiest girl.

Sixteen down, 84 to go!


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