onehundredsixtythree – onehundredsixtynine

june 11, 2012

We hiked up to Old Dry Wolf Station Cave with Mike today. I love this photo.

june 12, 2012

Daryl led a trip into Wagner’s Cave today. It’s a surprisingly awesome cave!

june 13, 2012

Why yes, I will gladly accept $100 for signing up for my REI Visa.

june 14, 2012

Nick, Rita, Daryl, and I hiked up (the LONG way) to the top of Mt. Jumbo this afternoon. Missoula is so pretty, I love it!

june 15, 2012

I want us to adopt this baby kitten when we get back from Scapegoat. So tiny and adorable!

june 16, 2012

New shoes! $110 Merrells, purchased for $10 out of pocket thanks to my $100 gift card. =D

june 17, 2012

You can’t expect us to go to Fort George for the first time in 5 months and not leave notes for the boys!


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