onehundredfortytwo – onehundredfortyeight

may 21, 2012

Daryl, LIz, Logan, Ann, Lee, and I went to Ophir Cave today. Ann snagged this awesome photo of me rappelling down the pit!

may 22, 2012

I’ve nearly had it with the clickers for Jamie. Definitely time for new batteries!

may 23, 2012

I love Missoula.

may 24, 2012

We saw these tasty holes on our drive to Lewis and Clark Caverns tonight. Not sure if they’re real caves or just shelters.

may 25, 2012

The Explorer and I went incognito on a Lewis and Clark Caverns tour today. It really is a beautiful cave – I’m excited to go “off trail” in there sometime.

may 26, 2012

Asparagus Cavers – if it don’t snow, we don’t go.

may 27, 2012

Camp fires in the snow are the best.


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