My perfect pond

A few years ago, I could’ve sent this secret into PostSecret.
I went to college, I got depressed, I dropped out, I moved home.

In the time since then, I met the man of my dreams, fell deeply in love, moved to Seattle to dance in two dance companies, quit my jobs and moved back to Oregon, then moved to Montana and have been enjoying a wonderful eight month vacation life.

Not a single one of those things would’ve happened had I not dropped out.

Next spring I’m going back to school to finish my degree. I plan on kicking ass and taking names and I have no qualms about saying that I’ll be at the top of my class.

Last night we went to see the last senior dance showcase of the year. It was so great to see dance again! It was also nice being reassured that I’ll be awesome when I get back to school. There were some very talented dancers and a few very talented choreographers and I know I will shine when I start classes.
I went to a very small, very talented high school. There were a LOT of big fish in a small pond. I was easily forgotten and never appreciated. Then I went to a small, talented university. There were big fish and loud, look-at-me-aren’t-I-awesome medium fish, and my quiet I’m-probably-actually-pretty-good-but-I-have-no-self-esteem medium fish was immediately lost.
I’m looking forward to going back to school. I believe in my talent and know that I am good. I think I’ve finally found the perfect sized pond for me. [I feel very stuck up and almost icky making this post, but it’s true. I am a talented dancer and I will rock the dance department next year.]

So yes. In short:
Becoming depressed and dropping out of college was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It sucked. I felt like such a failure.
After moving home, I met the love of my life, became a professional dancer, and moved to Montana where I am loving every single thing about every single day.
I am going back to school to finish my degree, six years to the semester after I dropped out, and I will be awesome.


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