onehundredtwentyeight – onehundredthirtyfour

may 7, 2012

Proof that the boys were actually getting work done!

may 8, 2012

We hiked up to the Galena Benchmark today (9,225 ft) before skiing down to the road this morning. It was SO beautiful!!

may 9, 2012

Brian, Hadley, Daryl, and I went to this crazy bird museum today. There were four or five peacocks wandering around the grounds.

may 10, 2012

Last Chair Stout float at the Sawtooth Brewery. Yummy!!

may 11, 2012

We stopped by Snake Pit Hot Springs just outside of Stanley, ID on our way back to Montana today. Beautiful views, really nice soak, and so quiet!

may 12, 2012

Daryl dubbed this the Land Of A Thousand Smokes. The Forest Service was doing prescribed burns on St. Mary’s, so everything was smokey and smelled SO GOOD.

may 13, 2012



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