onehundredfourteen – onehundredtwenty

april 23, 2012

We hiked and skinned up to 9000ft on Trapper Peak today. It was so beautiful and so wonderful and I’m so excited to go back again soon and actually summit (we had to bushwack from 1000ft below the trail head and stopped 1000ft below the top, so next time we’ll definitely make it all the way to the top).

april 24, 2012

I love date night with my sexy mister!

april 25, 2012

Chopped all my hair off!

april 26, 2012

James has the coolest tipi! Brian has decided he will make one for Scapegoat and I’m excited.

april 27, 2012

A beautiful morning for caving!

april 28, 2012

After rappelling down and then climbing back up 120ft of rope yesterday, I took a break from caving this morning. Russian ballet and a fire? Perfection.

april 29, 2012

The valley looked so cool through the rain in the mountains today.


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