onehundredseven – onehundredthirteen

april 16, 2012

We drove into Belt for a few groceries and stopped in this awesome bar. They have highway signs and HUNDREDS of license plates from all over. It was awesome!

april 17, 2012

Gorgeous day for hiking in the mountains!

april 18, 2012

Great day hiking with Daryl and Mike!

april 19, 2012

We hiked for several hours today searching for caves. This is the last drainage we hiked up and it was so beautiful! D and I got bluff charged by a mama bear with two cubs and it was terrifying.

april 20, 2012

My first cheesesteak since April 2008. IT WAS PERFECT. Thank goodness for Philly locals who move to other towns and open cheesesteak shops!

april 21, 2012

I cannot believe how beautiful and warm it was today! Daryl said I’d see more sunny days in Montana than I ever have before and I’m beginning to believe it!

april 22, 2012

It hit 80 degrees today, so I busted out hiking shorts and flip-flops! I don’t think I’ve ever worn shorts in April before!


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