4/13-16, Logging Creek and Lick Creek Cave

After my tooth staged a protest and I became a chipmunk for several days, we decided it was time to go visit Mike and disappear from society for a week or two. We went to Great Falls, hung out with our ADORABLE niece and nephews, then high tailed it to the woods.

First on our list was Logging Creek so we could go to Lick Creek Cave and place a bat monitor for the Montana Natural Heritage Program.

We drove down a forest service road next to Logging Creek for a while before finding the perfect camp site next to the creek.

Not long after we set up the tent, it started a sprinkle just a bit. Daryl and Mike are both masters in tarpology, so we had a tarp up above the tent in mere moments. And our tent was dry almost immediately! [I’m so used to wet, wet Oregon and Washington so dry Montana is definitely weird.]

Oh dear. This probably should’ve ended poorly.

After a nap, we started gathering dead trees for fire wood and an awesome bench. I love camp fires.

We were visited by a deer friend! He wandered around our camp for quite a while, we couldn’t believe it!

It eventually turned dark and we had dinner and then we saw a UFO. We thought it was a plane, but it was close enough that we should’ve heard it, and it was completely silent. On top of that, there weren’t any of the normal lights on the plane. No red light, no green light, no nothing. Just a really bright spot light.
And then it disappeared. Poof.
It was crazy.

We woke up the next morning to a beautiful day. It was gorgeous!


After breakfast and lunch and possibly a short nap, we got our caving stuff together and headed to Lick Creek Cave. None of us had been there before, so we spent a little bit of time looking for the trailhead, but as soon as we found it, it was obvious.

The hike to the cave isn’t too bad, about half a mile up hill. There was still snow in places, so we braved the glaciers and post-holed a bit.

It was so beautiful from the cave entrance!

The Explorer looks so adorably like Christopher Robin and I just want to squeeze him.

Lick Creek Cave is rather unfortunately vandalized. The approach is so easy and its a relatively easy cave, so it’s party central. Empty beer cans, spray paint, and glow-in-the-dark raver sticks EVERYWHERE. Everywhere.

Lick Creek is muddy!

We left the cave way late. It was dark, we were tired and hungry, and we zombie marched back to the truck. We was tired!

The next morning, we went Cave Huntin’!

I do love our truck. We’re thinking it needs a real name. SKIburban is perfect during skison, but when we’re not skiing it does not quite fit. My Subaru’s name is Sue Ann, D’s Subaru is Jamie, now we just need a name for the SKIburban.

While driving around, we came across an abandoned truck. It was so cool!

I love alpine glow!

On our way back from cave huntin’, we stopped and loaded up the truck with wood. We got all of this from one place, nearly all pre-cut for us!
While loading the truck, we saw our UFO again.

Very glad for our huge wood haul, because it started to snow not long after we got back to camp. Massive fire it is!!

Mike very smartly wrapped the wood in a tarp before heading to bed, so we had dry wood to start a fire when we woke up. I love morning fires!

After lunch we decided to head out on a nice hike/cave huntin’ adventure. We stumbled upon what we think must’ve been an old Forest Service camp ground.

Bobcat tracks in the snow
Tell me, mister bobcat, where is it that you go?
Down among the town lights, in that valley below
Tell me, mister bobcat, where is it that you go?

We did not find any caves on our venture, but it was still a great hike. Not long after Mike forded the river to check out a hole, we decided to head back to camp to make dinner. We again saw our UFO friend (same time, every night) and then we spent the evening reading by the fire.


2 thoughts on “4/13-16, Logging Creek and Lick Creek Cave

  1. Explored Lick Creek Cave many times in 1961. Large domed cavern at end. Sorry to hear about the vandalism. It was pristine then.

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