Day Fourteen – 3/24, Lost Trail Cold Smoke Free Ride Competition

After our last ski trip, we headed back to Missoula and “helped” Mike pack up his house. Then we drove to Great Falls and “helped” Mike unpack his truck. Then we drove back to the Bitterroot and fit our Subaru into our storage unit.

We drove the SKIburban to the Lost Trail parking lot and slept in the back (ps, being able to sleep in your vehicle, comfortably, in a ski area parking lot is awesome). The next morning we made coffee and oatmeal and most definitely didn’t make first chair.

My precious!
I fell in love with this jacket back in October and have been lusting for it ever since, though Daryl did not really care for it. I decided that after paying off my credit card (YAY!), I’d spend the rest of my tax return on a shell. I found this one for $150 off online and only had to spend $50 out of pocket. It is perfect. I love it and it looks great and yay!

We skied for a good chunk of the day and took no photos. During the day, Lost Trail was having their annual Cold Smoke Free Ski competition, so we watched some people hurl themselves off Femur Ridge.

After the ski day was over, there was a great after party, so we all stood around, drinking beer and meeting new friends.

 We won shwagg!

And then!
The tickets were called for the grand prize: a fatty pair of Liberty skis. Originally they were going to call a singular ticket and bam, they would have a winner. Then they changed to two tickets and a contest. Then back to a single. Then back to two tickets.
My name was called first! I screamed and Daryl about died and we both ran up the stairs. Then they called another name and a box of beer was brought up to the deck. I was hoping for a drinking contest, as I was sure I could out drink my competitor.

Not that I would’ve been the one to ski on them, as they were definitely Daryl length.

All in all, even though I was clearly robbed of a pair of skis (because had they stuck to either the original OR the third plan, they would be mine fair and square and that would be that), it was a great day!

Fourteen down, 86 to go!


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