eighty – eightysix

march 19, 2012

We came over to help Mike move, but then weren’t allowed to help. Beer and Comedy Central it is!

march 20, 2012

A second night of nothing to do while Mike packed.

march 21, 2012

We drove over to Great Falls today to help MIke unload. A beautiful day to drive over the Continental Divide.

march 22, 2012

Buttes are crazy and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

march 23, 2012

We got a cheap storage unit today so we could unload the truck and actually use it. And Jamie fits too!

march 24, 2012

I was approximately 30 seconds away from winning those fatty boards. So, so bummed! Also, check out my awesome new shell!

march 25, 2012

My pillow made a grand escape today while we were packing. Daryl saved it for me!


2 thoughts on “eighty – eightysix

    1. It’s not my favorite, but I definitely prefer it in a can than a bottle. We can’t recycle glass here in Montana, so we only buy beer in cans and Ranger was the best of the selection available.

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