sixtyfive – seventyone

march 5, 2012

There have been some great gems in this book. Naked beneath a tiger skin coat? A dress of rose petals? These ladies of 1800 were scandalous!

march 6, 2012

Who took her first ballet class in months and months and nailed a triple pirouette? This girl!

march 7, 2012

White wine and a 550 page book on the history of ballet. A perfect evening.

march 8, 2012

They have returned from Alaska!! So, so, so, so, so happy to have The Explorer home!

march 9, 2012

This doesn’t seem like a dangerous situation at all…

march 10, 2012

We got to Lost Trail after they closed for the night, then skinned straight up a green run. It was great!

march 11, 2012

We skied up to the top of the ski area today. It was so beautiful!! It was great skiing through the woods with a dog for free while people were paying to ski down the runs!


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