Homeward Bound

My sweet love is on his way back from Alaska!

He, Doug, Aiyana, and Team Bailey left on February 13th after the Jr. Race to the Sky. They made it to Alaska in six days and got five flat tires along the way. Aiyana started the Jr. Iditarod on the 25th and came in to the finish line on the 26th in a near white out.

Daryl had planned on them leaving the next day, but it was decided they would stay for the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. We were both less than pleased with this development, but what could we do? They helped Kirk and his dogs at the ceremonial start of the race, then Daryl got a hotel for the night.

They didn’t leave until this morning, but they made great time. When I spoke to him at 4pm my time (2pm Alaska), they were already in Tok and hoping to make it to Whitehorse, YT, Canada by tonight. It’s a 2,509mi drive from Wasilla to Missoula. Assuming they make it to Whitehorse tonight, they’ll have 1,838mi left. I’m hoping to meet him in Missoula on Thursday.

I can’t wait until he’s home to me. We’ve both been miserable apart. I’m glad he went, Doug and Aiyana needed his help. I think we’ll both get back to Alaska faster now that he’s had a taste. I just want him home.


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