fiftyeight – sixtyfour

february 27, 2012

Mini-WAPA reunion!
Becky and I got last minute tickets to Beauty and the Beast tonight. We met up with Abbi while we were there, then we accosted Logan afterwards. This is his first national tour and he’s Gaston. And he was amazing! Though, honestly, Becky and I couldn’t help but laugh a little every time he came on stage. It was a bit surreal, seeing the boy I dated in high school in a major musical production!

february 28, 2012

Since Michelle couldn’t make it to Becky’s show on Saturday, the three of us got together for dinner tonight. She asked us how long we knew each other (ten years) and we joked about the traditional anniversary gifts and learned that ten years is “aluminum”. We cheersed with my milk shake tin and a fork!

february 29, 2012

The joys of driving over a Cascade pass in late Winter/early Spring. We were stopped going over Snoqualmie for about 20 minutes while they finished up avalanche control.

march 1, 2012

I stopped by Mike’s on my way through Missoula today. Fisher and I hung out for a good long while and he totally beat some of my scores on Angry Birds!

march 2, 2012

Noah and I watched some TMNT today while snuggling on the couch. He’s so adorable.

march 3, 2012

Zila curled up at my feet tonight while I was at the computer. She’s so sweet.

march 4, 2012

I enjoyed a delicious OPA in a can while reading outside today.


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