Day Ten, 2/20 – Lost Trail Ski Area

Typically Lost Trail is only open Thursday through Sunday. But since Monday was Presidents Day, they were open. Since Jeremiah had the day off from school, he and I drove down and spent the day in the snow.

It was such a great day skiing!
I love skiing with Daryl and we always have a blast, but it was nice to ski with someone more on my level. Sometimes you need a break from helpful hints and suggestions (even when they are super useful and asked for) to put pieces together yourself. I felt like I was able to apply the things I’ve been learning without worrying if I was doing something wrong.

We skied mostly blues all day, but we did venture down a couple blacks. Jeremiah is working on landing his 360s, so we went through a couple of the terrain parks. I got some video of him rockin’ it down a jump run, but I’m lazy about editing video, so I’ll post that eventually, but not now.

Jeremiah is such a great kid and I’m glad we were able to hang out. I think he gets stuck with middle child status sometimes, because Aiyana is the oldest and has all the dogs and so much of the families energy goes towards mushing, and Noah and Kai are so close in age they get mutual baby status. I’m glad we got to hang out on the slopes.

10 days down, 90 to go!


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