eighty – eightysix

march 19, 2012

We came over to help Mike move, but then weren’t allowed to help. Beer and Comedy Central it is!

march 20, 2012

A second night of nothing to do while Mike packed.

march 21, 2012

We drove over to Great Falls today to help MIke unload. A beautiful day to drive over the Continental Divide.

march 22, 2012

Buttes are crazy and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

march 23, 2012

We got a cheap storage unit today so we could unload the truck and actually use it. And Jamie fits too!

march 24, 2012

I was approximately 30 seconds away from winning those fatty boards. So, so bummed! Also, check out my awesome new shell!

march 25, 2012

My pillow made a grand escape today while we were packing. Daryl saved it for me!


seventytwo – seventyeight

march 12, 2012

Skiing out down the run was so great!

march 13, 2012

Bridge Pizza: a free pint with the purchase of two slices between 3pm and 5pm. That’s a single slice on D’s plate!

march 14, 2012

Cold Smoke is delicious and dangerous.

march 15, 2012

Blogging and podcasts.

march 16, 2012

Every single boy I’ve dated has built computers. I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen in one.

march 17, 2012

The Explorer holding a small child? Be still my heart.

march 18, 2012

FourLoko in a six pack? That’s ridiculous.

Days ten – thirteen – 3/10-3/12, Backcountry at Lost Trail

Aside from the second meeting of the Clatsop County Snow Riders Association, I got my first ten days of skiing for the year in without a hitch. Day eleven, however, proved to be difficult.

First, I tried to go skiing on a Sunday afternoon. I got to the trailhead and there were five cars parked there already. I immediately got back in the car and left, because I didn’t move to Montana to have to see other people while in the wilderness. My second attempt was the following Tuesday or Wednesday. I was the only person in the parking lot, so things were going better this try. I got my skins on my skis, put on my boots, and headed towards the gate. Below the gate there was snow, above the gate there was not. I decided to hike up a bit in hopes of reaching the snow again. After about a quarter mile (maybe more, maybe less – I’m terrible at estimating distances), I hit the snow. On went my skis and up I went. Until I ran out of snow, about 200ft later. I gave up since it was patching from there on up. I was sad. After getting back to my car, I went off on attempt number three, however the next trailhead I checked was patchy snow as well, so on home I went.

Last week, Nick came to town. It was great to see him again and it was an awesome little reunion of Missoula folks. On Saturday Nick, Daryl, Ozzy, and I got all our stuff together and drove out to St. Mary’s Peak to skin, ski, and camp for the weekend.

However, about five minutes up the road to the trailhead, we ran into a glacier. We turned a corner and found ourselves amid a sea of ice. We couldn’t stop (and we had Nick driving right behind us), so we continued up the hill. We got back to dirt and pulled over.

We decided we were definitely not continuing up the road, as we could see it iced up again just ahead of us. D had a set of chains for our Subaru but Nick didn’t have any for his. We (and by we, I mean they) put one chain on our car and one on Nick’s.

Size 14 tire and only have a size 16 chain? No problem!

The boys drove their cars about halfway down, then D drove Jamie down and walked back up to drive Nick’s Subaru. It was so icy and ridiculous.

For my fifth attempt, we decided to head to Trapper Peak. Daryl has skied it in April and figured we could get up the road far enough to be able to skin the rest of the way since it’s nearly mid-March. A bit before we reached the turn off, there was solid snow on the ground. Daryl and I decided to head up the road a bit to see what the snow was like. It seemed promising, however we started to get high centered. We probably could’ve made it up, however Nick’s Subaru is a 1993 and therefore lower than ours (plus, as mentioned earlier, his tires are smaller and don’t provide as much lift). We backed down the road (a bit harrowing, let me tell you!) and parked in the pull out.

We spent about an hour getting our stuff together. Non of us really packed, just threw everything in the cars, so now we had to organize. We got ourselves together, hooked the sleds up to the boys’ packs, then started skinning up the road. We got probably twice as far as we drove up before we turned to the south facing slope and were back on the dirt. We got out of our skis and hiked up the road for a bit. Nick and Ozzy went ahead and there was no snow. No snow + sleds = not happening. We got back on our skis and went back to the cars.
We decided to head farther south and go to Lost Trail.

We got to Lost Trail not long after the area closed. We pulled all our stuff back out and we were ready to go. The great thing about Lost Trail is they are pro-backcountry skiing. During the day, you can buy a $5, one time lift ticket to the top of the mountain. Ski off the backside and bam, fresh lines and camping! Obviously, since they were closed when we got there, we didn’t take the lift. But we did head straight up a green run with our sleds and the dog and it was fantastic.

Skinning is so awesome, especially on open runs like that. We spent around an hour heading up, maybe a bit longer? The sleds definitely slowed us down a little bit – they’re super easy on flat roads, but they do pull a bit on the slopes. We got near the top of the ski area and popped out of bounds into the woods.

Our first task was digging a pit for the fire, setting up the snow kitchen, and work hardening the tent area. Nick tackled the fire pit, D got the kitchen situation (otherwise known as the kitch-sitch) under control, and I walked around in a circle for nearly an hour.

Beer fridge number one.

Ozzy curled up and proceeded to ignore us.

We slept until about 11 or so the next morning and at the crack of noon started melting snow to make water for the day.
Did you know you can burn snow? When you’re melting it in a pot, you have to make sure you start with some water and add the snow to it, otherwise you can singe the snow as it melts.

After coffee and a delicious breakfast of chicken apple sausage and banana pancakes, we packed our ski bags and hit the slopes. We skinned up through the woods for a bit, then along a trail, then back up through the woods. We ended up next to the top of the highest lift, the Saddle Mountain Lift.

It was so beautiful. Untracked lines, skiing for free, with a dog while people a couple hundred yards away were paying to head down the slopes.

The mountain across from us is Saddle Mountain. We’re definitely planning on coming back and skiing it – there’s what looks to be a great trail from right next to where we camped over to the summit. The Explorer wants to ski that crazy couloir, but I will definitely be passing on that.

We chilled there for a bit while grabbing a little snack, then de-skinned our skis and Nick turned his split board back into a snowboard. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.

I finally sewed the Fort George pack onto D’s ski bag. It looks great! Next I’m going to add a McMurdo Antarctic Hospital patch. =D

We skied down through the woods, but the snow was a bit weird. Daryl and I kept catching our edges while trying to turn and Nick was having an issue with his board. We attempted to find a place to jib, but ended up going back to camp after about 20 minutes.

We just bought a new toy Swedish Brush Ax and this was the perfect time to break it in. Emptied both the sleds, then off we went in search of snags for the fire. We went all of fifteen feet before we found a plethora and started collecting. We ended up getting about three and a half sleds full of wood. A short two minute skin back to the camp and we were in business!

After getting the fire started, Nick and Daryl started preparing dinner. Nick made some crazy delicious pasta, tofu, veggie, sauce thing and D and I had mac&cheese with tuna.

We had such a great fire! We definitely melted the back of the pit a good foot or two. I’m sure Oz appreciated the warmth, as it started snowing and we got about two inches of powder while we were hoopin’ and hollerin’.

The coals were still hot when we got up the next morning, so we had a breakfast fire! I love fires in the morning. Nick made us some more banana pancakes and sausage, though this time we had spinach, feta, and turkey.

Our beer can art installation!

Around noon we packed up our stuff, cleaned up camp, and headed back out to the slopes. We had to skin for 15 or 20 minutes since it was fairly flat until we got to the road, but it was wonderful. A nice little work out before flying down the slopes!

We got to the top of the run and stripped off our skins. It felt good to ski in some fresh pow, with no one on the slopes in front of us!

Nick had a bit of trouble at the get-go and Daryl totally schooled him with some fancy turns and his sled following him perfectly.

But then his sled started rolling and everything came to a crashing halt.

I tried to get a photo, but the light wasn’t quite right. BUT! I made beautiful linked turns all the way down the run. Fresh tracks. They were awesome!

When we made it back to the car, the boys decided they wanted to skin up and ski a bit more. My left knee gets sore from skinning (repetitively bending and straightening in parallel is not what my body is used to), so I stayed in the car to nap and play Angry Birds while they had some boy time.

It was a great weekend! I love being out in the woods and I love skiing. I’m also super glad I finally got day eleven under my belt (and day twelve and thirteen too!).

Thirteen down, 87 to go!

sixtyfive – seventyone

march 5, 2012

There have been some great gems in this book. Naked beneath a tiger skin coat? A dress of rose petals? These ladies of 1800 were scandalous!

march 6, 2012

Who took her first ballet class in months and months and nailed a triple pirouette? This girl!

march 7, 2012

White wine and a 550 page book on the history of ballet. A perfect evening.

march 8, 2012

They have returned from Alaska!! So, so, so, so, so happy to have The Explorer home!

march 9, 2012

This doesn’t seem like a dangerous situation at all…

march 10, 2012

We got to Lost Trail after they closed for the night, then skinned straight up a green run. It was great!

march 11, 2012

We skied up to the top of the ski area today. It was so beautiful!! It was great skiing through the woods with a dog for free while people were paying to ski down the runs!

A re-dedication

My first love. My true love. My life blood.

It’s amazing how long I go between classes sometimes. I feel more myself and more at home in a dance studio doing plies and tendus than I do almost anywhere and yet, I’ll go months between classes. Literally, the last ballet class I took was at Westlake with Julian, back in June.
That’s pathetic.

Sometime during our first week in town, The Explorer and I discovered a dance studio not far from the house. Since my audition is coming up at the end of the month (20 days!), I declared that while he was gone I was going to take at least one class a week.
For various and a sundry reasons, that didn’t happen. Plus, I was out of town in Seattle for a week.
But! Yesterday, I finally went to class. I called them on Monday and asked about drop-in rates and the person who answered the phone clearly thought I was crazy. I left my name and number and requested a call back with the answer. I didn’t hear anything, so I decided I’d just show up for class on Tuesday. I misread the schedule online and showed up at 4:30. The person running the front desk (I’m assuming the same person who seemed confused by the concept of “drop-in”) told me I could most probably take class, but to talk to the teacher before hand. Failing to mention that the class I was looking for didn’t start until 6:30….Thankfully another teacher was there and saved me. I went back to the house for a bit, then came back and took class. It was AWESOME.

It’s sad that I can say this, but it’s such a relief when I take class at a studio that clearly teaches good technique from the very beginning. You can tell so much about a studio and their teachers from barre. Plus, the students were all so welcoming and nice (which can be rare in small studios, especially when a random 24 year old comes to take class). Basically, Ballet Bitterroot is the ideal small-town studio.

I took class again tonight and I’m super proud of myself for that. It’s been even longer since I’ve taken ballet two days in a row, or even ballet twice a week.

I hate that I’m so lazy.
I’ve always been the person whose gotten away with it. Didn’t practice for piano? Get praised for how improved I am. Didn’t study for a test? Get the highest grade. Never rehearse outside of rehearsal? Am made the example of what everyone should do. Don’t take class for 8 months? Nail a triple pirouette first try.

I hate it. It sucks.
I’ve always said that I’d rather fail because I didn’t try than try my hardest and still fail. Which isn’t the case in this instance, but it’s close. Or maybe it is. I don’t know.
I could’ve made it big. I could’ve been a really amazing dancer. I could’ve made it into major professional companies. But I’m lazy. That’s the truth and there’s no two ways about it. I am lazy. I’m good – I’m really good. But I’m ridiculously lazy.

However, I’m taking this opportunity to change all of this. I am going back to school and I’m going to change my work habits. I’m going to take class as often as possible between now and then. I’m going to try my hardest to, before we travel to new towns for various adventures, research the studios and take a class while on the road. I am going to make the most of the new opportunities presented to me.

I have a clear advantage over all my future classmates: I will be 25. I will have done the typical party college thing. I will know what I want from life and from my dance career. I won’t be partying. I won’t be trying to find a boyfriend. I won’t be doing the college thing just because it’s what I’m “supposed” to do.

My audition is in 20 days. Between now and then, there are seven advanced ballet classes at the studio. I think Daryl, Nick, and I are planning a several day trip this up coming weekend, so I probably won’t be able to take class next Monday, but it is my goal to take five classes between now and then. And the head of the dance department at University of Montana invited me to take a modern class before the audition, so on Friday I shall visit again and find out when class is so I can take that as well.

I have been given a second chance at college. And I will make the most of it. Because I am a talented dancer and I do myself such a great disservice by not taking advantage of the opportunities presented to me. No more.

Homeward Bound

My sweet love is on his way back from Alaska!

He, Doug, Aiyana, and Team Bailey left on February 13th after the Jr. Race to the Sky. They made it to Alaska in six days and got five flat tires along the way. Aiyana started the Jr. Iditarod on the 25th and came in to the finish line on the 26th in a near white out.

Daryl had planned on them leaving the next day, but it was decided they would stay for the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. We were both less than pleased with this development, but what could we do? They helped Kirk and his dogs at the ceremonial start of the race, then Daryl got a hotel for the night.

They didn’t leave until this morning, but they made great time. When I spoke to him at 4pm my time (2pm Alaska), they were already in Tok and hoping to make it to Whitehorse, YT, Canada by tonight. It’s a 2,509mi drive from Wasilla to Missoula. Assuming they make it to Whitehorse tonight, they’ll have 1,838mi left. I’m hoping to meet him in Missoula on Thursday.

I can’t wait until he’s home to me. We’ve both been miserable apart. I’m glad he went, Doug and Aiyana needed his help. I think we’ll both get back to Alaska faster now that he’s had a taste. I just want him home.

fiftyeight – sixtyfour

february 27, 2012

Mini-WAPA reunion!
Becky and I got last minute tickets to Beauty and the Beast tonight. We met up with Abbi while we were there, then we accosted Logan afterwards. This is his first national tour and he’s Gaston. And he was amazing! Though, honestly, Becky and I couldn’t help but laugh a little every time he came on stage. It was a bit surreal, seeing the boy I dated in high school in a major musical production!

february 28, 2012

Since Michelle couldn’t make it to Becky’s show on Saturday, the three of us got together for dinner tonight. She asked us how long we knew each other (ten years) and we joked about the traditional anniversary gifts and learned that ten years is “aluminum”. We cheersed with my milk shake tin and a fork!

february 29, 2012

The joys of driving over a Cascade pass in late Winter/early Spring. We were stopped going over Snoqualmie for about 20 minutes while they finished up avalanche control.

march 1, 2012

I stopped by Mike’s on my way through Missoula today. Fisher and I hung out for a good long while and he totally beat some of my scores on Angry Birds!

march 2, 2012

Noah and I watched some TMNT today while snuggling on the couch. He’s so adorable.

march 3, 2012

Zila curled up at my feet tonight while I was at the computer. She’s so sweet.

march 4, 2012

I enjoyed a delicious OPA in a can while reading outside today.