Day Nine, 2/15 – Sheafman Creek

Daryl left for Alaska on Monday after the Jr. Race to the Sky. I went home and pouted for a bit, then got kitty snuggles as I was falling asleep.

The next day, Valentine’s Day, Jen and I went out to the brewery and treated ourselves since our men were heading to Alaska without us.

Wednesday, I pulled myself together and went skiing. One of my favorite things about living in Montana is how close all the skiing is. I woke up, decided I’d ski, and then got to the trailhead in 10 minutes. SO much faster than the minimum two hour drive from Astoria.

It was kind of cloudy, thus breaking my 100% Bluebird Days While Skiing In Montana streak, but there was some blue sky peeking through.

The skin up was beautiful. I can’t believe I live here.
I can’t wait until Daryl is back from Alaska so it actually feels like we live here.

I went up the trail for about 45 minutes. I stopped at a spot that is obviously popular with picnickers. Unfortunately, I knew that because of the litter and the remnant of a fire pit. =(
It was a beautiful spot and I know Daryl and I will take advantage of it on future trips.

The ski back to the car only took 20 minutes – I couldn’t believe it! I’ll definitely be heading back here in the future. Plus, there’s cell reception the whole time, so I feel totally comfortable doing the trip by myself, though I may steal Zila in the future so I have some company.

Nine days down, 91 to go!


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