First Week in Montana (a week late)

Well, we’ve made it to Montana!
I don’t quite believe it. I don’t believe that I get to see mountains every single day. I don’t believe we can drive 10 minutes and ski. I can’t believe this is our life.

We left on Tuesday night and drove into Portland to stay with Nick. The next morning we took our time getting up and being useful and drove east around 3pm. We took I-84 through the Gorge and turned up into Washington and stayed the night in the Tri-Grities. Daryl didn’t understand why my Mom had such contempt for the Tri-Cities until we got turned around and ended up driving around Pasco for 45 minutes. Rednecks galore!

We woke up the next morning and set off for Montana. It was so nice once we got back into the green trees of Idaho and leave the Eastern Washington dust behind. We made it to Montana and then D’s truck started making noise. We pulled off and looked at it before deciding we’d be able to make it to Missoula just fine. About 10 minutes out we called Mackenzie River Pizza. Got into town, picked up pizza and beer, then went over to Mike’s house.

It was so great to see Mike again. He’s such a great guy and I’m so happy we’ll be family one of these days. D’s good friend Tom came over with his two kids and we ate pizza and caused a ruckus. I got to hold a baby, so I was in seventh heaven.

The next morning we woke up, made coffee, then took a nap. It was wonderful. I love mid-morning naps. After we finally got ourselves together, we went into town and started getting situated as residents again. Checked the mail, got delicious Taco del Sol, hung out with Marcy, and added me to the bank account. After hanging out with Mike for a bit more and packing up all our stuff, we drove down to Hamilton.

I love the Ferraro’s. They are so nice and so wonderful and I’m so happy they are letting us stay with them while we’re unemployed and homeless. Doug and Aiyana were out on a training run with the dogs, so we chillaxed with Jen and the boys for a bit. Around 1:30am, Doug and Aiyana got back with the dogs, and we stayed up until probably 3am.

On Sunday, Daryl, Mike, and I went skiing at Lost Trail. It was great. I love that ski area.

[I started this post last week and now don’t remember exactly where I was going with everything. In short, Montana is great. The speed limit is way faster than in Oregon. The Ferraro’s are awesome. I love seeing mountains out the kitchen window. The end.]


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