Day Seven – 2/5, Lost Trail

A couple days after we moved to Montana, we went to Lost Trail Ski Area with Daryl’s brother Mike. As is usual when I ski in Montana, it was beautiful and sunny.

It was so amazing not having to drive a minimum of 3 hours to get to the ski area. We woke up, made coffee and got dressed, met Mike, and were at the ski area in an hour. It was awesome!

Lost Trail is such a great ski area. And going on Super Bowl Sunday meant it was even more empty than usual. I’m so used to the crowds at Mt. Hood Meadows, with constant lift lines and a million people on the slope with us, so zero lift lines and sharing the runs with two people, tops, was amazing!

We skied for a couple hours and it was great! I like skiing with Daryl and Mike – they’re super cool and don’t mind when it takes me a bit longer to get down the hill. Though I’m definitely getting a lot better and for the most part we were all skiing together.

Thanks for the perfect welcome, Montana. I am very happy to be here.

Seven down, 93 to go!


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