thirty – thirtysix

january 30, 2012

“I’ll have a tequila sunrise.” “What size, big or small?” “Whatever one is $3 right now.” “As I said, big or small?”
My choice was clearly big. So yummy!

january 31, 2012

WE’RE PACKED! We finished packing up our stuff at the house, packed up the SKIburban and Jamie, parked Sue Ann in the basement, and got all our stuff packed into the two small rooms. I couldn’t believe we actually left Astoria today!

february 1, 2012

And the convoy begins.

february 2, 2012

My first Montana sunset! So happy we’re in Montana now!

february 3, 2012

We checked the post office box today and my diploma from Clatsop was there. I’m officially a college graduate! I know it’s only an associates, but it’ll make finishing my degree next year a lot easier.

february 4, 2012

This is the view out the kitchen window. I can’t quite believe it.

february 5, 2012

Daryl, Mike, and I went skiing at Lost Trail today. Another bluebird day! So far, 100% of the time when I ski in Montana, it’s been sunny and beautiful.


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