sixteen – twentytwo

january 16, 2012

Mama and I went out yarn shopping for my Christmas present today. While we were deciding on yarn and books, Mama made friends with the shop cat.

january 17, 2012

The inaugural meeting of the Clatsop County Snow Riders Association will now come to order. We skied Saddle Mountain!

january 18, 2012

Fancy date night! Indian Food & IPA Brewer’s Dinner at Fort George. A belated 3 year anniversary celebration. He’s so cute!

january 19, 2012

Excuse me, Sasha. My foot was there first.

january 20, 2012

Real money.
I’ve never seen a $500 bill before. One of my Dad’s regulars brought it in to show it off today.

january 21, 2012

A rare moment of blue skies today. We spent most of the day organizing stuff in the basement.

january 22, 2012

I love finding things I’ve forgotten about. Definitely sending this photo to Aiyana since she’s heading off to win the Jr. Iditarod next month!


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