nine – fifteen

january 9, 2012


january 10, 2012


january 11, 2012

We randomly lost power in some of the house today (our main light, the bathroom, the hallway, and one of our outlets). Chinese food seemed to be the best answer.

january 12, 2012

We discovered today that if you have a lamp behind your MacBook, you can see the apple!

january 13, 2012

Mexican Chocolate Stout from the Firkin’ over in the tap room!

january 14, 2012

Nick made a kite from a tent. It flew surprisingly well! So much fun playing on the beach.

january 15, 2012

Slack-lining magnets.


2 thoughts on “nine – fifteen

  1. 1/12: you can see the apple *through* the darkened screen!

    1/14: “it flew surprising well” sounds sarcastic, considering the kite is almost on the ground 🙂

    (I love you!!)

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