threehundredthirtynine – threehundredfortyfive

december 5, 2011

The Explorer misplaced his hat months ago. We looked and looked and had decided he must’ve left it on Mt. St. Helens last March (the last pictorial evidence of it). He finally found one online last week and ordered a new one. Literally days after it came in the mail, he found his old hat stuffed in a pocket of a jacket.

december 6, 2011

I love cleaning out my room at my parents house and finding gems like this. As a general rule, if it was taken in Alaska, I’m adorable and it becomes my new favorite photo.

december 7, 2011

I found my collection of Jones Soda Bottles in my old room today. 53 bottles, mostly all Fufu Berry, every single one a different photo. And thanks to the 5¢ Oregon deposit, I’ll get a whopping $2.65 for them all!

december 8, 2011

If I weren’t fervently wishing for rain so it would snow on the mountain, this would be the most beautiful day in weeks. However, it is December in Astoria and it should be raining so that the mountains can have more than a [melting] 39″ of snow!

december 9, 2011

We came home today to discover a 250lb bale of Hops in our living room. The house smells delicious!

december 10, 2011

We’re all classy in this house and drink [nearly an entire bottle of] wine out of mason jars.
Note: Willamette Valley Vineyard Whole Cluster Pinot Noir is delicious.

december 11, 2011

To continue our nice streak of making awesome meals, we made a delicious potato, onion, garlic, Polish sausage, and aged white Cheddar scramble this morning. Om nom nom.


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