threehundredthirtytwo – threehundredthirtyeight

november 28, 2011

Major blanket of fog over town today. This was taken at noon!

november 29, 2011

How to make the newest Subaru look even dumber: lift it an inch or so.

november 30, 2011

This is some of my favorite light in Astoria. Nearly cloudless skies as the sun starts to set.

december 1, 2011

The bartender at Baked Alaska made me a delicious mystery drink tonight. Yum!

december 2, 2011

How to deal with a VERY full Mason jar growler!

december 3, 2011

My sweet Explorer, Nick, Ozzy, and I skinned up Mt. St. Helens today! A great first day out on our skis and a much needed recon mission for our New Years’ Eve trip.

december 4, 2011

Jc leaves for the Navy this week so she had a great going away bowling party tonight! So much fun with great friends!!


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