threehundredtwentyfive – threehundredthirtyone

november 21, 2011

I’ve lived here for two weeks now and this is the first time we’ve all been on the same floor, let alone the same room, of the house!

november 22, 2011

Sasha-girl is so silly!

november 23, 2011

The house has smelled so amazing all day from Spencer and Polish’s preparation for the house Thanksgiving dinner.

november 24, 3011

This year I some how took over the making of the pie for Thanksgiving dinner. So good! I make a good pie!

november 25, 2011

I like my new ritual of drinking beer and reading ski magazines at night.

november 26, 2011

The Explorer and I finally made it into the Columbian Cafe this morning for brunch. I had the most amazing and delicious spinach and cheese crepe. Accompanied by the cutest man on the planet and a mimosa, it was perfect!

november 27, 2011

Finally finished my second pair of birthday socks. After, I organized my knitting stuff and got everything set to start my second prototype ski hat, only to discover I need a new set of circulars and the shops had closed by then.


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