threehundredeleven – threehundredseventeen

november 7, 2011

I know it’s silly to love grey days, but I ADORE grey days in Astoria. A wonderful first day back.

november 8, 2011

Tonight D, Spencer, and I got drunk with Polish’s very Polish Dad and Uncle. It was awesome. I’ve never drank with someone I absolutely did not speak the same language as before.

november 9, 2011

Gorgeous night.

november 10, 2011

Silly Sasha.

november 11, 2011

We’ve started collecting Happy Hour menus. Fort George beer for a dollar less than at the brewery? Yes please!

november 12, 2011

My favorite river.

november 13, 2011

I do believe I am now fully, but minimally, outfitted for our trips. There are a few things, like a technical shell and a ThermaRest Ridge Rest sleeping pad, that I’d like and would definitely make everything easier and more comfortable, but we could leave today and I would be fine!


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