Redwoods ’11 – Day Five

The boys stayed up late, late, late the night before, so Megan and I were up long before they were. We wandered the campground for a little bit and discovered a ropes course of some sort. We also discovered the Del Norte County Women’s Republican Committee picnic – we skidaddled before they kicked us dirty hippies out of the party.

When we got back to camp and the boys were starting to get their act together. We packed up our stuff, they walked around without their shirts on, and we got funny looks from the Republicans.

We headed out the Redwood Highway and drove to the Stout Grove.

We easily spent an hour in this one spot.

Yup, still in the exact same place.

We finally start to mosey on down the road again, only to stop for another 10 minutes at one tree.

We make it to the Stout Grove!

I’m finding myself with less and less things to say as I go on with these posts. Mostly because how many times can I say “THESE TREES ARE MIND BLOWING AND AMAZING!!!!”?

Chadler is king!

Daryl is a monkey!

We head out of the trees and grab some convenient store lunch. The Explorer and I try to avoid eating meals like that, but when Megachad came back to the SKIburban with corn dogs and jojo’s, we just couldn’t resist. So delicious and perfect for a hot summer day.

The temperature gauge in the truck began reading over 95*, so we set out in search of a swimming hole. We instead found a fire place.


It was so beautiful! Even though I’m a Pacific Northwest girl for life, northern California certainly is beautiful.

It was an absolutely perfect mid-afternoon swim. So peaceful and quiet (we managed to find a spot away from the hundreds of kids we saw in the river earlier in the day). A perfect summer day.

My baby loves his truck, that’s for sure.

We drive into Oregon and find a great campsite next to a river.

Stay away from my drank!

We spent the evening playing cards and listening to comedy shows.

I start to get hungry, so I go and set up the stove. I noticed, thankfully before lighting anything, that the connection between the white bottle and our MSR stove was not tight and my hand was wet. I called D over and he examined the situation. He determined the O-ring was bad.
We then set gas that spread on the table on fire.
The Explorer would like me to mention that a simple email to MSR resulted in a handful of new O-rings arriving in the mail just a few days later.

Goodnight, southern Oregon. In the morning we head home!


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