threehundredfour – threehundredten

october 31, 2011

Moving day! Since Becky and Keara moved in before me, I had never seen the apartment completely bare before.

november 1, 2011

I don’t even remember taking one of these home with me after the Brew Cup, but since I found one in my car while packing, it must’ve snuck its way in.

november 2, 3011

Becky and I caught happy hour at Deluxe tonight after she finished some school work. Pomegranate Drop!

november 3, 2011

It’s probably good that I didn’t discover Joe Bar until now – I definitely would’ve spent all my money and spare time there!

november 4, 2011

Mary, looking stunning as usual, before our opening night show!
[photo by Photos By T]

november 5, 2011

Closing show of Harvest. We sold out all three shows and they were amazing!!
[photo by John Cornicello]

november 6, 2011

A beautiful send off from Seattle.


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