twohundrednintyseven – threehundredthree

october 24, 2011

It was my last day at work today. =(
My favorite morning customer gave me a card and my favorite afternoon customer brought me flowers!

october 25, 2011

My first day of unemployment went like this: sleep in super late, walk to QFC to buy breakfast things, walk home, make coffee and pancakes topped with Marionberry syrup. Pretty fantastic!

october 26, 2011

Lynne’s birthday!! Lynne, Jc, and I went to Tavern Law and drank fancy drinks!

october 27, 2011

After lunch with Karyn, I went to Target and finally found the case for my camera!

october 28, 2011

I went to visit work and steal boxes. It was raining by the time Selena and I left, so clearly, I had to hide.

october 29, 2011

After loading all my furniture into the UHaul, Daryl and I met up with Amy and some of her friends for wine tastings in Woodinville. Afterwards we ended up at a Halloween party.
No costume? No problem! Open a bottle of wine purchased at the tastings, drink. Instant costume: wino!

october 30, 2011

Long day of New Vision rehearsal today. So excited for the show next weekend!


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