Redwoods ’11 – Day Four

My sweet love and I spent a week camping with our friends Megan and Chadler. We drove down from Astoria, into California, and all through the Redwoods. D and I had never been, so Megachad were great guides – they’ve been a bunch of times and showed up their favorite places. I took too many photos for all one post, so here’s day four!

A beautiful morning on the banks of Hooker Creek.

Good morning, compadres!

We had a relaxing morning getting our stuff together. It’s not vacation if you’re not relaxed!

We perfected the packing of the SKIburban! Unfortunately we were never able to reconstruct this perfect set up. Maybe one day.

Best. Illustration. Ever.

Need some boots?

We drove down to a river bank for lunch. In 1964 there was a massive flood – that bridge was COMPLETELY under water! I couldn’t believe it!!

Of course we had to stop! If only we had found a Megan Grove, a Daryl Grove, and a Kathryn Grove – we could’ve had a full set!

Next up, the Immortal Tree. The fish marks the water height from the 1964 flood.

He’s so cute.

I am a dork.

My favorite part of the day was the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. AMAZING trees.

They are standing INSIDE of a tree trunk!

…and then Chadler died.

It was so unbelievably beautiful. I couldn’t believe it.

The trees are SO HUGE.

While getting gas near Crescent City we asked around for good campsites. The gas station attendant directed us to a great campground fifteen minutes away. It was perfect! Lots of empty sites, including this great one with space for both our tents and all our extra stuff.

While Megan and I set up camp, we sent the boys on a a hunt for wood. They hit the jackpot!

I love camp fire potatoes!

Next: trees, trees, trees, and a swimming hole!

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