One Thousand Days

I love kissing this man.

One Hundred Twenty Five Days Ago…
was terrible. It was my sweet, sweet darling love’s birthday. And his Mom died. Cancer stole my Mother-in-Law from us before I could even rightfully call her that. We tried to make the best of the morning. I took D out to our favorite breakfast place. We stopped by a brewery. We spent time with Barbara as a family. We each spent time holding her hand and telling her how much we loved her. I’m thankful I was with D when she died. I would’ve done just about anything to have it not been on his birthday. It was a hard day.

Two Hundred Fifty Days Ago…
was the last weekend in January. A little over six months prior, The Explorer’s Mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She did chemotherapy and radiation treatments and the tumors had shrank enough to do surgery. At diagnosis her doctors didn’t think she’s live to the end of the year, but a few weeks after the start of 2011 she had surgery to remove the last of the cancer. D and I drove down the Oregon coast in my cute little car and went to visit. She was tired and medicated, but she held my hand and I told her I loved her.

Five Hundred Days Ago…
it was Spring time and gorgeous. D came up to visit me in Seattle and it was wonderful. We went to the Museum of Flight and he met my high school friends. I was nervous. I was so close to all those girls and they were meeting the man of my dreams for the first time. And I needed my Explorer to meet my friends and see where I came from. They hit it off great! We held Ashlyn’s daughter and he and Abbi talked flying. It was a great weekend.

Seven Hundred Fifty Days Ago…
it was the end of our first summer together. The Explorer spent nearly a month caving in the middle of the Montana wilderness. I realized how much I loved him while he was gone. Three days before he was scheduled to come back to civilization, he called me. They had run out of coffee and had to leave early. He told me he couldn’t live without me and flew me out to Missoula. That weekend, on top of falling more in love with my Explorer, I fell in love with Missoula. As we drove away, I wanted to immediately turn back around and change my address.

One Thousand Days Ago…
it was a Saturday. I woke up early and spent far too long looking through my closet. I tried on a million different outfits and discarded each and every one. Nothing was right. Nothing said “I want to look nice without trying to hard” or “this old thing? I just grabbed it from the back of my closet. No biggie.”. Nothing worked. So I got into my car and drove 30 minutes to the store. My Mom was working and she and her coworkers picked out countless outfits. I ended up with a new sweater and tank top. I drove back home, took a long shower, spent way too long on my hair, and pulled out my rarely used collection of makeup. After gussying myself up, without looking too put together, I got back in my car and headed off.
Halfway to my destination Sue Ann died. I tried to get her started and it just wasn’t happening. I called my Dad to come save me. He traded me his truck and he took care of my car. I finished the drive, walked down a muddy hill, and was met at the door by the best dog in the entire world. Beside him was the very handsome man I had been introduced to the month before, whom I had previously checked out while we were both customers at my coffee shop. That night we kissed while watching the container ships pass by outside his window.

In Thirty Days…
I’ll be back in Astoria! Our year and a half of being apart is so close to being over! I almost can’t fathom it. For the first time in a year and a half we get to see each other every day. After nearly three years of being together, we will finally live together. I cannot wait to get back to my beloved Astoria. I cannot wait to be back in my beloveds arms. So many happy feelings!

In Ninety One Days…
my Explorer will work his last shift at the hospital in Astoria. We’ll be packing it up and heading out of town!

In One Hundred Days…
we’ll be in Montana! I AM SO EXCITED!!! We’ve started making awesome plans for amazing adventures and I can’t wait.
Moving to Montana without a job? Sure why not. Heading to Alaska for a couple weeks to watch a friends daughter win the Junior Iditarod? Of course! Heading out to a cabin in the middle of the Scapegoat wilderness in March for a month? Sounds perfect! Going back to school and finally finishing my BFA while my Explorer finishes his BS? Absolutely.

The past one thousand days have been so wonderful. So amazing. The best one thousand days ever. I am so thankful and so lucky and so blessed to have found my Explorer. That we were introduced.
“Katt, this is Daryl. Daryl, this is Katt. Jim thinks you should date.”


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