Redwoods ’11 – Day Three

My sweet love and I spent a week camping with our friends Megan and Chadler. We drove down from Astoria, into California, and all through the Redwoods. D and I had never been, so Megachad were great guides – they’ve been a bunch of times and showed up their favorite places. I took too many photos for all one post, so here’s day three!

Having gone to bed first the night before, I also was the first person awake on our third morning. It was so wonderful and quiet – after spending the past 11 months living on Capitol Hill, this vacation was definitely exactly what I needed.

I started myself some coffee, grabbed my book, and enjoyed the Blue Jays.
I’m generally not at all a morning person, but mornings like this are perfect for me.

Around the same time everyone else started waking up, I noticed a helicopter making trips over the campground. It was flying south towing people, then flying north with an empty line. After a while it was flying south with an empty line and flying north with a bale of something. We all stood there and watched for about half an hour before we determined they were hauling pot over our camp.

Since it was landing so close to the north of us, we of course went to investigate. They were landing the chopper and all the pot not 50ft from the entrance of the campground.

We traipsed in the woods for a bit watching them pack everything up and haul it off before we were asked by a California State Park Peace Officer to “stop being so suspicious”.

 We headed back to our campsite, back up all our stuff, then headed back towards the Avenue of the Giants.

The first grove of Redwoods we went to was the Founders Grove. That is the same tree in both of those photos, the Founders Tree (346ft tall).

The root system of the Dyerville Giant (~370ft).
Please note that Daryl is 6’2″ or so and he is standing directly in front of those roots. The tree was unbelievably huge. It fell in 1991 and caused a number of other trees to fall on its way down.

I do love this man.

We left the Founders Grove and headed to the Shrine Drive Thru Tree. Unfortunately I was in charge of filming, so I don’t have any photos (note: when buying a card reader to steal everyones photos, double check what type of card other people have…), but here’s the video of the SKIburban!

Right next to the Shrine Tree there is a little “tree house village”. We reverted to childhood and of course checked it out.

pst….I like his tushy.

We hit the road and continued to head south. We stopped in the tiny town of Miranda, CA (population 520) for some snacks, ice, gas, and beer.

We drove down to the end of the Avenue of the Giants and discovered a great little camping site on Hooker Creek. We were again very thankful we brought the SKIburban and not the Outback since it did require a tiny bit of off-roading to get there. Definitely worth it.

We found the best spot for camp, scoured for wood (thank you whomever illegally dumped tree limbs from their yard for us to burn!), set up the tents, and started a fire and then I made us a delicious dinner of sautéed onions, garlic, zucchini, and yellow squash with marinara over pasta. So good. Who says you can’t eat well while camping?!

But then I topped my delicious dinner with an even more delicious dessert!
The day before D and I left for Astoria the bakers at my shop made raspberry marshmallows. Obviously I was not going to head off on a week long camping vacation without some of those delicious treats! And oh my goodness, they were amazing. Best s’mores any of us have ever had. Wow. I wish I had snagged more than just 8!

Up next: more magnificent trees and a 1920s gangster car.


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