twohundredfiftyfive – twohundredsixtyone

september 12, 2011

The roof was left open tonight so I snuck up for a few minutes. If we had roof access, I’d be up there all the time.

september 13, 2011

Zipup weather! I love fall!

september 14, 2011

It’s so dark on my walks to work in the morning now. That’s really the only downside to fall. I like when it’s light out during my 6am walks.

september 15, 2011

Selena and I grabbed drinks after work, then she popped under my car to double check I have the correct wrench to change my oil next week.

september 16, 2011

Beautiful sunset tonight!

september 17, 2011

I did a happy dance! I LOVE the rain!

september 18, 2011

New Vision Dance Company photos this morning! I can’t wait to see the photos Purcell Photography took!


2 thoughts on “twohundredfiftyfive – twohundredsixtyone

    1. It’s crazy how long my hair is getting! I want to chop it off so badly, but I also want to grow it out to atleast as long as it was before I cut 13inches off last time.

      Trust me, I have been saying the same thing, hahahaha.

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