Redwoods ’11 – Day Two

My sweet love and I spent a week camping with our friends Megan and Chadler. We drove down from Astoria, into California, and all through the Redwoods. D and I had never been, so Megachad were great guides – they’ve been a bunch of times and showed up their favorite places. I took too many photos for all one post, so here’s day two!

We woke up on our second morning around 8. As The Explorer and I were getting out of our tent, we discovered Chadler putting the last of our wood on the fire. We definitely didn’t need a fire that morning, but it was a good thing he did – the coals caught the wood on fire with no help at all. After putting the fire out (and making sure it wouldn’t start itself again – the last thing Southern Oregon needs is another forest fire), we went on a little walk down to the creek.

Aren’t they cute?!

Speaking of cute, look at this little guy!

After our little jaunt, we finished packing up our stuff and head out. And it was only 8:30! Amazing, right? We then realized D’s iPod was still set on Montana time – we got up at 7:00, not 8.  An hour and a half to get ready isn’t quite as impressive, but we were on the road before 9!

We continued our trip south and stopped at the Sea Lion Caves. The fog sitting over the ocean was so cool looking.

Oh technology.

I love the ocean.

We stopped for lunch at a lookout point. We were standing around the back of the SKIburban when Megan shrieked and told Chad not to move. This bug LOVED him – after getting him off his hat, he attached himself to his pants and then his shoe before we finally got him onto the grass.

We stopped by the Oregon welcome center in Brookings. It was still foggy.

Some point after we crossed into California the sky cleared.
I love how rocky this coastline is!

We drive drive drive.

We make it to the Redwoods! Trees of Mystery!
Much to Megan’s chagrin we miss Paul Bunyon talking by about 10 minutes. =(

At some point we did a cursory search for breweries and realized we weren’t that far from Eureka and therefore not far from Lost Coast Brewing. Of course we stopped! The first new brewery for us on the trip.

Get back on the road and drive back into the fog.

We reach the Avenue of the Giants and stare in awe of the trees. I’m not sure how D kept us on the road, because I was definitely staring out the windows with my jaw open the entire time.

Megachad love Albee Creek Campground, so we drove down an awesome wind-y road and set up camp.

My delicious beverage of the night.

We spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing, knitting and reading, drinking and causing a ruckus. As per usual. =D

Next up: marijuana, REALLY big trees, and the best marshmallows we’ve ever eaten.


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