Redwoods ’11 – Day One

My sweet love and I spent a week camping with our friends Megan and Chadler. We drove down from Astoria, into California, and all through the Redwoods. D and I had never been, so Megachad were great guides – they’ve been a bunch of times and showed up their favorite places. I took too many photos for all one post, so here’s day one!

We all finally got ourselves together around the crack of noon on Tuesday. A few rearrangements to fit all our things and we were on the road!
I’m so glad D bought his SKIburban last summer. His Outback is great, but there are definitely times when we need the bigger vehicle (not to mention the SKIburban is amazing at off roading).

As is evident by our departure time, we were really prepared to leave town. We made it to Cannon Beach before we were all hungry. After haphazardly driving through Cannon Beach we drove by Cannon Beach Hardware and Public House. Beer in a hardware store? Best idea ever. Beer and amazing pulled pork sandwiches in a hardware store? Absolutely perfect.
We got lunch, a couple beers, filled a growler (note to self: double check “growler prices” before purchasing a $18 fill), and a few last minute camping supplies.

Somewhere between Yachats and Florence we drove into the National Forest and found a great primitive site near a creek.
When The Explorer first came out west in ’95, he and his brother Mike stayed at a site along the same creek. I wish we had found the same one.

Chadler, Megan, Daryl, and myself.

Because of our late and lazy start, we didn’t do much other than drive on our first day. But who can blame us? Megan, Chad, and myself were in our first days of vacation in months and years and Daryl was enjoying his FIFTH week off from work.

Next up: California, the beginning of the Redwoods, and crazy bugs.

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