twohundredfortyeight – twohundredfiftythree

september 5, 2011

Best bathroom find ever? I think so!
#Rose/Ten #otp

september 6, 2011

Screw and Brew!
[I kid you not, that’s Cannon Beach Hardware and Public House’s catch phrase!]

september 7, 2011

I do love the Pacific Ocean.

september 8, 2011

We found a great spot to camp next to Hooker Creek at the end of the Avenue of the Giants.

september 9, 2011

Gah, trees are so effin’ beautiful. This doesn’t do it justice and I don’t have words for how amazing the Redwoods are.

september 10, 2011

There was a complete burn ban in affect today, so instead of a camp fire, we set the picnic table on fire instead!
For reals though, one of D’s camp stoves stopped working tonight and leaked gas on the table so we had a little fire show to clean it up.

september 11, 2011

We saw some crazy dust devils on the way back up I-5 today. It’s been so dry recently.


2 thoughts on “twohundredfortyeight – twohundredfiftythree

    You have two blogs?
    I mean, i think i already some of the pics there about some blog that she went camping with her lover, her friend and her friend’s lover =))
    hey, am i right?

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