twohundredthirtyfour – twohundredforty

august 22, 2011

It rained for the first time in 25 days today!!! This pacific northwest girl was dying!

august 23, 2011

Todays step towards the future: finally filing my petition to graduate from Clatsop.

august 24, 2011

After work today Erin, Ashley, Selena, and I went to the lake. It’s so nice hanging out with my coworkers outside of the bakery.

august 25, 2011

127th St Dance Company performed at Boeing Bellevue today. Annie got pulled up to dance with the belly dancer!
[photo credit: Emilie Trammell Photography]

august 26, 2011

Four+ hours in the sun yesterday at Boeing = tanlines!

august 27, 2011

I’m so glad we’re such great friends after knowing each other for 10 years!!

august 28, 2011

My sweet Explorer surprised me a week early!!!! This morning at 10:30 he rang the doorbell and I jump attacked him! I love him so, so, so very much!


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