twohundredtwentyseven – twohundredthirtythree

august 15, 2011

I feel like cookies, toothpaste, and wine is a perfectly acceptable combination of things to buy at the mini-mart at 11:30pm.

august 16, 2011

A fabulous picnic for one at Cal Anderson Park.

august 17, 2011

Awesome late afternoon/early evening paddleboarding with Selena and Erin today!

august 18, 2011

Sarah made these adorable (and delicious!) Chocolate Cream Tartlettes today at work!

august 19, 2011

Jess came back to town for a wedding this weekend. Definitely nice to hang out with two great friends from high school for a reason other than a funeral.

august 20, 2011

GORGEOUS day in Seattle!

august 21, 2011

How to tell I’m feeling more like myself:
My room and desk are clean for the first time in over a month.


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