onehundredtwentynine – onehundredthirtyfive

may 9, 2011

Thank you, Victoria’s Secret, for being creepy and finding my address somehow. I know I’ve never given it to you, but I’m thankful for the coupons!

may 10, 2011

Absolutely gorgeous day today!

may 11, 2011

Man, I do love the Space Needle.

may 12, 2011

Could it be any more beautiful? I submit that it could not.

may 13, 2011

A nice outside beer before meeting the Gould’s to see Guys and Dolls!

may 14, 2011

A relaxing day at work. And my freckles have returned!

may 15, 2011

Some of my battle scars from my 9 hours of rehearsal today. I love my New Vision and my 127th St dancers!


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