onehundredeight – onehundredfourteen

april 18, 2011

The moon was so bright tonight!

april 19, 2011

Sautéed squash, zucchini, and garlic in a homemade garlic-Parmesan sauce over pasta. So good!

april 20, 2011

Dana and I had simply the most amazing rehearsal tonight. I think it’s the start of something big in me as a dancer.

april 21, 2011

127th St Dance Co.: “Il Cuore Si Calma”, from our larger Battio di Cuore.
Basically I get to pretend to be a ballerina all the while thinking “HOLY CRAP THEY GAVE ME A SOLO!”
[photo credit: Rachel Turner]

april 22, 2011

Opening night! I love my 127th St company members. We didn’t snag a full company photo ’cause Rochelle wasn’t at tonights show, Julian was on stage, and very sadly Dana hurt herself hours before the show started. =( We danced for her all weekend.

april 23, 2011

My wonderful boyfriend and I joined about half the company for drinks after the show tonight.

april 24, 2011

He is so cute, I just want to kiss him all over!


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