fiftynine – sixtyfive

february 28, 2011

Barbara’s sister came to rehearsal yesterday to take photos.
[photo credit: Cristina Caioli]

march 1, 2011

Today I was “that girl” walking around Capitol Hill in the rain and high heels.

march 2, 2011

After Craftman style houses, these are my favorite. They remind me of my Grandma’s house when I was little.
The weather in Seattle was INSANE today. At one point it was perfectly sunny yet pouring buckets. Definitely March weather.

march 3, 2011

I love our lamp.
I love lamp.
Lamp, lamp, lamp.

march 4, 2011

Awesomesauce of the day:
Liz sent me an awesome shirt that reminded her of me every time she wore it. I love it!
I MAKE AWESOME MEATLOAF. I threw it all together last night, let it make sweet love last night, and made it for dinner after work today. NOMgasm.
As a “I got a new job not a day too soon” reward – dark chocolate brownie and red win.
Yes, I am secretly 8 years old and occasionally run full speed and jump on my lovesac.

march 5, 2011

Becky and I we bummed the boys didn’t invited us to the party after playing beer pong. After we got home, we got dressed up, did a shot, ate mac&cheese, and then fell asleep watching Sex and the City. We’re awesome.

march 6, 2011

French toast! It’s the first time I’ve ever made it (I know, right?), so it wasn’t perfect, but it was still yummy.


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